Get a grasp on Google’s mobile-centric updates


Read Nick Lucente’s “Mobilegeddon: A Mobile SEO Survival Guide” published in Target Marketing.

Just a month ago, confusion and chaos reigned down on marketers after Google launched its latest search engine algorithm update, the so-called Mobilegeddon.

The latest changes lean favorably toward mobile-friendly websites in mobile search results. This is huge considering the sheer number of mobile users and volume of mobile search. Marketers must be aware of the fascinating fact that mobile searches have now leapt past the number of desktop searches.

“This change puts those that don’t meet Google’s mobile-friendliness threshold caught in the crosshairs, suffering a loss in mobile traffic — something that most businesses simply cannot afford,” marketer Nick Lucente says.  “Cue the alarm bells and widespread panic. With countless rumors, articles and dissenting viewpoints online, it can be challenging for marketers to cut through the noise and develop an action plan.”

Read Nick Lucente’s survival guide for a mobile SEO action plan in his article “Mobilegeddon: A Mobile SEO Survival Guide” published in Target Marketing.

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